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Definition of cyanobacteria

What is the definition of "cyanobacteria"?
  • cyanobacterianoun
  • 1. Plural form of cyanobacterium.

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  • "Even if you don’t go for global warming, what about the increased CO2 that has caused huge algal blooms (which contain cyanobacteria – exposure to high levels of cyanobacteria can cause ALS as proven during the Gulf War) the size of Texas in our oceans?"

    "Studies of their microbial descendants, known as cyanobacteria, suggest that these peculiar rocks slowly formed when mats of micro-organisms trapped sediments and precipitated carbonates."

    "After examination we recognized this was a blue-green bacterium, also known as cyanobacteria, which are abundant in habitats that are severely stressed or have too many nutrients."

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