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Definition of chou

What is the definition of "chou"?
  • chounoun
  • 1. A cabbage.
    2. A kind of light pastry, usually in the form of a small round cake, and with a filling, as of jelly or cream.
    3. A bunch, knot, or rosette of ribbon or other material, used as an ornament in women's dress.

Use "chou" in a sentence
  • "I have a friend who always says to me,,,,Au revoir mon petite chou, which is rather funny as I’m quite fat."

    "I would have left "le chou en question" somewhere along a Sicilian or an Italian field and it would have carried on with its rotting process without upsetting anyone."

    ""And your mom would like to keep the cabbage ..." he explained, referring to the 7-day-old chou (one of the many garden gifts from our landlord, and while it was easy to know how to prepare the eggplants — as for that smelly chou ... what to do, what to do?)."

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