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Definition of cabinet

What is the definition of "cabinet"?
  • cab•i•netnoun
  • 1. An upright, cupboardlike repository with shelves, drawers, or compartments for the safekeeping or display of objects.
    2. Computer Science The box that houses the main components of a computer, such as the central processing unit, disk drives, and expansion slots.
    3. A body of persons appointed by a head of state or a prime minister to head the executive departments of the government and to act as official advisers.
    4. Archaic A small or private room set aside for a specific activity.
    5. Rhode Island & Southeastern Massachusetts See milk shake. See Regional Note at milk shake.

Use "cabinet" in a sentence
  • "(_Moving to cabinet, puts curtains and work-box on top of cabinet_.)"

    "And, his appointment as Minister of National Defence and Veterans Affairs on October 4, 1996, illustrates that the reward for a job well done in cabinet is more often the awarding of an even greater challenge than what was met in the past."

    "Above the cabinet is my snake mask I bought in Bhutan, my ladies 'wig for those late nights clubbing, and a heavy-duty plastic skull my dad picked up in medical school."

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