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Definition of cabin

What is the definition of "cabin"?
  • cab•innoun
  • 1. A small, roughly built house; a cottage.
    2. Nautical A room in a ship used as living quarters by an officer or passenger.
    3. Nautical An enclosed compartment in a boat that serves as a shelter or as living quarters.
    4. The enclosed space in an aircraft or spacecraft for the crew, passengers, or cargo.

  • cab•inverb-transitive
  • 1. To confine or live in or as if in a small space or area.

Use "cabin" in a sentence
  • "Our California mountain cabin is near the village stables and, to this day, the only time Ninotchka springs into action is at the sight of a horse, any horse."

    "Just outside this cabin is a man probably dying from starvation."

    "Topped by a broad shingled asphalt roof and constructed from recovered timbers, the cabin is anchored by a Rumford fireplace that makes use of local stone."

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