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Definition of cabezon

What is the definition of "cabezon"?
  • cab•e•zonnoun
  • 1. A California fish (Scorpaenichthys marmoratus), allied to the sculpin.

Use "cabezon" in a sentence
  • "Olson's Resort, Sekiu -- April 16: Six boats with 19 anglers fishing in Areas 4 east of Tatoosh caught 13 rockfish, 14 lingcod, 15 kelp greenling and four cabezon; April 17: One boat with four anglers caught four rockfish, two kelp greenling and two sculpins."

    "Glenn Street ramp, Bellingham -- Oct. 31: Four boats with seven anglers caught two chinook; Nov. 5: One boat with three anglers caught five kelp greenling and five flounder; Nov. 6: One boat with two anglers caught two cabezon."

    "Everett ramp - July 29: 30 boats with 57 anglers caught eight chinook, four coho, two pinks and 74 flounder; July 31: 108 boats with 223 anglers caught 13 chinook, seven coho, four pinks, 39 flounder and one cabezon."

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  • Spanish: cabezon
  • German: cabezon
  • French: cabezon
  • Mandarin: cabezon
  • Japanese: cabezon

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