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Definition of cabbaging

What is the definition of "cabbaging"?
  • cabbagingverb
  • 1. Present participle of cabbage.

  • cabbagingnoun
  • 1. to be lazy or to be in a state of boredom.

Use "cabbaging" in a sentence
  • "But if he wishes to know whether the introduction of the sentence from Tacitus into a poetical tale should be called "cabbaging," the reply will properly be, No. The poet expected that the well-known figure, which he had thus thrown into verse, would be immediately recognised by every literary reader, and that the recognition would give pleasure."

    "It could just be that I'm spending too much time "cabbaging about" on the couch as the British would say."

    "East, as in Southern Europe, is made to cut out the cloth in presence of its owner, to prevent “cabbaging.”"

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