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Definition of caballing

What is the definition of "caballing"?
  • caballingnoun
  • 1. The process whereby two water masses of differing temperatures and/or salinities mix and produce a water mass of higher density which subsequently sinks.

  • caballingverb
  • 1. Present participle of cabal.

Use "caballing" in a sentence
  • "Washington, a dismal swamp at the best of times, was sweaty and feverish, and so were its inhabitants, with Grant's presidency soon to enter its final year and the whole foul political crew in a ferment of caballing and mischief."

    "What we have is a bunch of unelected 'clerks' caballing together and making a false arrest of a governor?"

    "Ill-clad at the same time, and ill-shod, they fell to caballing and arranging plans to attack the city of Chios."

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