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Definition of c'n

What is the definition of "c'n"?
  • c'nverb
  • 1. Eye dialect spelling of can.

Use "c'n" in a sentence
  • "The lift motors 're electric, an' if I have difficulty with the pusher, the lift fans c'n limp me home at about 20 klicks a hour as long as I'm no more'n a hour from dry land."

    "I got a ol' Nissan 4 wheeler ta drive about town It's parked at the public garage near the Pharmer's Market, an' if I need ta get ta the city, I c'n always take the hover-ferry."

    "I c'n show ya the way ta the patch, but I can't drive with jes' one arm."

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  • Spanish: c'n
  • German: c'n
  • French: c'n
  • Mandarin: c'n
  • Japanese: c'n

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