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Definition of c'mon

What is the definition of "c'mon"?
  • c'mon
  • 1. Informal Contraction of come on.

Use "c'mon" in a sentence
  • "I know he re-hashes the same story, but c'mon guys, what about David Gemmell??"

    "I have seen small children in Jurassic Park (which scared me and I was in high school - c'mon, it was scary the first time!) and dozens of other child-inappropriate movies like the Passion of the Christ (come ON, Jesus ends up practially FLAYED, your kid does not need to see that, I don't care how holy you think it is!)"

    "LK: Interestingly, there is a recent "sub-genre" of science fiction named "MundaneSF" which shouts "c'mon authors, life isn't going to change that much in the next century, ground your science fiction in reality.""

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