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Definition of babushkas

What is the definition of "babushkas"?
  • babushkasnoun
  • 1. Plural form of babushka.

Use "babushkas" in a sentence
  • "There were dusty moldings and plaster garlands high along the peeling plaster walls, and velvet czarist drapes rotting around a view of some damp little park where old women in babushkas, so gnarled and hunched our own society would have had them on the junk heap, swept the dirt paths with brooms that were just twigs tied to sticks."

    "Aren't headscarves called babushkas in East Central Europe?"

    "So many of my Muslim American friends stopped going out for months, removed their hijabs (head coverings once called "babushkas" in the 1970s), or draped their heritage flags around their car hoods."

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  • Spanish: babushkas
  • German: babushkas
  • French: babushkas
  • Mandarin: babushkas
  • Japanese: babushkas

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