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Definition of babool

What is the definition of "babool"?
  • baboolnoun
  • 1. Alternative form of babul.

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  • "The nest is, as a rule, placed in a babool or other thorny tree, close up against the trunk."

    "Soon the feathery lace work of bamboos beneath which they sat were whispering to the night-wind that had roused at the dropping of the huge ball of fire in the west, and the soft radiance of a gentle moon was gilding with silver the gaunt black arms of a babool."

    "It must not, however, be supposed that the Natives neglect their teeth; they are the most particular people living in this respect, as they never eat or drink without washing their mouths before and after meals; and as a substitute for our tooth-brush, they make a new one every day from the tender branch of a tree or shrub, -- as the pomegranate, the neem, [16] babool, [17] &c."

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