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Definition of babesiosis

What is the definition of "babesiosis"?
  • babesiosisnoun
  • 1. A tick-borne protozoan infection of animals, such as Texas fever of cattle, that is caused by species of Babesia.
    2. A human protozoan disease of red blood cells caused by Babesia species that is transmitted by the northern deer tick, characterized by fever, malaise, and hemolytic anemia, and prevalent on the coastal islands of the northeast United States.

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  • "Diseases that have previously been thought to have limited impact, such as babesiosis, must be watched closely in a changing climate to assess how environmental conditions may tip the scale and cause more significant impacts on ecosystems, animals, and people."

    "Between 2001 and 2008, researchers noted a 20-fold increase in babesiosis in the Lower Hudson Valley in New York."

    "Between Jan. 1 and Aug. 20, 314 cases of babesiosis from ticks were reported."

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