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Definition of babby

What is the definition of "babby"?
  • babbynoun
  • 1. Baby (human infant).

Use "babby" in a sentence
  • "It is impossible to describe adequately the scene that ensued -- the anxiety of the poor seaman to be recognised by his long lost "babby," the curious but not unnatural hesitancy of that "babby" to admit that he"

    "Mrs Bright chanced to be spending the afternoon with Mrs Joe Davidson and her wonderful "babby" when the skipper and mate walked in upon them."

    ""babby" was in arms, for he would not take his nourishment from the parent fount unless he had one of his little red fists twisted into his mother's hair, which he dragged till he made her roar; while he diverted the pain by scratching her, till the blood came, with the other."

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