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Definition of babbler

What is the definition of "babbler"?
  • bab•blernoun
  • 1. One that babbles: a babbler of half-truths.
    2. A tape recording of numerous voices talking at the same time, used as an antibugging device to hinder or prevent eavesdropping.

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  • "Surely the serpent will bite without enchantment; and a babbler is no better."

    "Wisdom will teach us to enchant the serpent we are to contend with, rather than think to out-hiss it (v. 11): The serpent will bite if he be not by singing and music charmed and enchanted, against which therefore he stops his ears (Ps.lviii. 4, 5); and a babbler is no better to all those who enter the lists with him, who therefore must not think by dint of words to out-talk him, but be prudent management to enchant him."

    "As they afforded our apostle no better title than that of a "babbler," chap.xvii. 18, so for a long time they kept up the public vogue in the world, that Christianity was the religion of idiots and men illiterate."

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