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Definition of babbled

What is the definition of "babbled"?
  • babbledverb
  • 1. Simple past tense and past participle of babble.

Use "babbled" in a sentence
  • "By means of pure echolalia, without associating ideas with the word babbled in imitation, the child learns, to be sure, to articulate words likewise; but he does not learn to understand them or to use them properly unless coincidences, intentional or accidental, show him this or that result when this or that word is uttered by him."

    "I just kind of babbled on and wanted to talk, I suppose, to the viewers, like I might talk to a friend in the kitchen."

    "[1] Lit., 'became slippery,' Gn.; 'babbled' (as a brook), or"

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  • Spanish: babbled
  • German: babbled
  • French: babbled
  • Mandarin: babbled
  • Japanese: babbled

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