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Definition of baaed

What is the definition of "baaed"?
  • baaedverb
  • 1. Simple past tense and past participle of baa.

Use "baaed" in a sentence
  • "Space Invaders never made me feel guilty, but, then again, they never baaed at me when they died."

    "All the time we were eating a solitary sheep tied to a large pink flowerpot looked on and baaed at us."

    "Following the sound, Silk found himself among the sellers he sought Hobbled deer reared and plunged, their soft brown eyes wild with fright; a huge snake lifted its flat, malevolent head, hissing like a kettle on the stove; live salmon gasped and splashed in murky, glass-fronted tanks; pigs grunted, lambs baaed, chickens squawked, and milling goats eyed passersby with curiosity and sharp suspicion."

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How to Say "baaed" in:
  • Spanish: baaed
  • German: baaed
  • French: baaed
  • Mandarin: baaed
  • Japanese: baaed

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