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Definition of agonal

What is the definition of "agonal"?
  • agonaladjective
  • 1. Associated with or relating to great pain, especially the agony of death.

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  • "Roseborough was inspired by classical "agonal" sculpture -- which deals with death and the dying -- and contemporary images of war casualties for his print and video series, which imagines a video game that depicts soldiers with mortal wounds."

    "The final "depressive stage" then enter, dealing with coma, flaccid paralysis, loss of reflexes, agonal gasps, apnea, loss of vital signs, and death. 11 This depressive stage occurs due to central medullary depression and may be related to the acute depletion of neurotransmitters."

    "A lot of this has to do with a sort of agonal element to oral poems."

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