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Definition of activity

What is the definition of "activity"?
  • ac•tiv•i•tynoun
  • 1. The state of being active.
    2. Energetic action or movement; liveliness.
    3. A specified pursuit in which a person partakes.
    4. An educational process or procedure intended to stimulate learning through actual experience.
    5. The intensity of a radioactive source.

Use "activity" in a sentence
  • "For of what could a non-spiritual activity consist, an _activity of nature_, when we have no other knowledge of activity save as spiritual, and of spirituality save as activity?"

    "Further, it is not the name or character of an activity which determines whether it is play for the participant, but _his attitude toward the activity_."

    "” “Not in passivity [the passive affects], but in activity, lie the evil and the good of the rational social animal, just as his virtue and his vice lie not in passivity, but in activity” (IX."

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