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Definition of aah

What is the definition of "aah"?
  • aahinterjection
  • 1. Used to express pleasure, satisfaction, surprise, or great joy.

  • aahverb-intransitive
  • 1. To exclaim in pleasure, satisfaction, surprise, or great joy: The crowd was oohing and aahing beside the panda's enclosure.

Use "aah" in a sentence
  • "While his hands are (or were) squeaky clean, he's just dragged them across a splattered palette of germs collected from every patient he's seen today, yesterday, or maybe even last week, and now - open up and say "aah" - those hands are headed straight for your unguarded mouth."

    ""aah" -- doesn't she sound like the violins in the scary music they use in"

    "I made the "aah" sound and told him he would have to endure a reminiscence."

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How to Say "aah" in:
  • Spanish: aah
  • German: aah
  • French: aah
  • Mandarin: aah
  • Japanese: aah

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