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Definition of a-

What is the definition of "a-"?
  • a-prefix
  • 1. Without; not: amoral.
    2. On; in: abed.
    3. In the act of: aborning.
    4. In the direction of: astern.
    5. In a specified state or condition: abuzz.

Use "a-" in a sentence
  • "At a hearing on the budget this week, led by by the scandal-plagued Chairman of the City Council, Kwame Brown, best known for demanding a "fully loaded" $1900- a- month leased SUV from city officials, activists challenged his opposition to raising taxes, the deadlocked council's complacency, and the council leadership that has ignored public opinion favoring preserving social programs."

    "So get your sweet a-, um, self over here so the rest of us can chow down."

    "Another 1,500 in-the-money calls were purchased up at the Jan. 2012 $13 strike at an average premium of $1.32 a-pop."

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